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A TRUE Custom Skate

True is a global leader in transformational sports technology with an unwavering determination to be #1 in everything they do. In 2016, True acquired VH Hockey to extend their innovative product offering and reach into the skate market. Using a 3D cast of an athletes foot, a TRUE Pro Custom Skate delivers unrivalled fit, power, control and comfort incomparable to any other performance skate.

Determined to be the best

The custom skate buying process was broken. TRUE offers the most innovative custom skate on the market but the buying process was long, tedious, required a lot of manual labor and little touch points with the customer. This needed to change.

From Customer, to Teammate

The challenge was to create an interactive, seamless customer experience that enabled a more intimate relationship with the end customer. At the same time, TRUE wanted to further establish the relationship with it’s important Fit Centre channel partners and eliminate errors.

Pre-game preparation

To understand the challenge, we met with clients to identify key issues. We then ran a focused design sprint which consisted of mapping and understanding the buyer’s journey, sketching a solution, deciding on the required features, creating a prototype, and completed by conducting user testing.

Digital Experience Management

In order for TRUE Hockey to be more involved in the customer experience we introduced a Digital Experience Management (DEM) platform. The solution allowed TRUE to own every part of the customer journey, from online, to in-store, to fulfillment.
eCommerce Store
In-store Sales App
Admin Portal
Dealer Portal

Shop Online

Buying a TRUE Hockey skate has never been easier. Customers now have the capability to start their buying process in the comfort of their own homes, and when they are ready, can go to the nearest fit center to complete the order.

Online, the customer can customize their skate and then schedule a time to go to the fit centre or complete their own measurements through the DIY method.

In-store Excellence

Sales representatives at Fit Centers are empowered to bring up customer orders and create 3D foot modals to ensure an accurate measurement. This fitting is sent directly to the app to complete the order and begin the fulfillment process.

Managing the Experience

TRUE Hockey and the Fit Centers have a customized web application to track, process and manage orders. This provides a real-time update on the businesses sales and eliminates the possibility for errors.

Order Timeline

Customer orders and continued progress are captured in the Admin Portal through a timeline to provide an accurate history of the order.

Product Management

Products can be added, removed or updated with ease so the online store stays up-to-date.

Innovation at the core

The TRUE Hockey Digital Experience Management platform empowers the ability to communicate and create a more intimate relationship with the end customer. With the ability to interact directly with their customers, TRUE has the power to sell more products, to a larger market, faster all while including fit centers into those conversations by directing traffic to the dealer’s channel. Additionally, TRUE Hockey can create a new fit center instantaneously and provide a seamless experience for their important channel partners.

The platform has re-invented the way customers buy custom skates and become an intergral component to their business operations. In any industry, transformation is key in a digital age. TRUE Hockey’s commitment to innovation in every aspect of the business shows their ability to be forward thinking and refuse to be disrupted.

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