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Growth Hacking Unboxed

One part data science, one part customer insight, one part imagination—makes for a cocktail of disruptive growth experiments.

Growth Hacking is nothing like its eye-roll, buzz-wordy name suggests. What it is in fact is a collection of well crafted experiments designed to drive business growth across the levers of acquisition, activation, retention and referrals (AARR). Pirate Metrics, sound familiar?.

Dates & Deets

The effects of Growth Hacking are most strongly felt with businesses selling their software as a service, SaaS for short. Growth Hacking experiments are informed by behavioural data, customer insight and technical creativity. These experiments are meant to drive exponential growth when compared to traditional marketing activities like content creation, paid ads and social media.

In this workshop, you’ll be offered some sample data along with sample insights of a fictitious company specializing in meal planning. You’ll identify challenges, create opportunities, prioritize and develop detailed experiments. Then you’ll vote as a team which experiments are worth pursuing. You’ll leave with the experience of using growth hacking methodologies to develop experiments to can put into practice in your own organization and achieve your own growth goals.

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