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See the whole picture with maps.

Experience maps, empathy maps, journey maps, story maps, service blueprints—how do you choose the right one at the right time?

When done right, mapping can be a powerful tool to help you understand how your products or services affect or influence the needs of your customers. It can be used to gain deep empathy for your customer, uncover points of friction, areas of opportunity, and compare current state vs. future state of your product or services. With many mapping frameworks to choose from, it can sometimes feel like having too many options.

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This hands-on workshop is designed to help you choose the right mapping framework when faced with business problems in various stages, from fledgeling ideas to feature enhancements. We’ll deep dive into three of the most fundamental maps for business innovation, experience maps, customer journey maps and empathy maps. We’ll also cover related mapping frameworks like jobs to be done, story maps and service blueprints.

The goal of this workshop is to leave you with powerful business innovation methods you can use at your organization immediately. Gather your team and see the whole picture of your business from the lens of your customers.

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The details of this workshop are still be hashed out. If you like to be notified when this and other workshops will be available, sign up for updates below.

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