The Innovation Workshop Series

Prototype with Purpose

When good enough is perfect.

Prototypes come in all shapes, sizes and levels of fidelity. But which one fits your circumstance, and how can you get the most out of it?

Define prototype. Try one of these.

A working product or service with limited features.

An ugly version of product or service with all the features.

A model of the product or service used to measure the validity of the solution.

A model of a product or service used to convince investors.

All of the above.

Any of the above.

Dates & Deets

If you answered All of the above, you’d be right. If you answered Any of the above, you’d also be right. And that’s why we put this workshop together. Prototyping is first and foremost a decision making tool, knowing what to prototype is just as important as knowing why and knowing how.

In this workshop we’ll build prototypes that illicit the reactions we hope to receive from our customers. We’ll identify the metrics to test for and decide the level of fidelity best suited for the problem. We won’t be using advanced digital tools like Adobe XD, Invision, Framer X or Figma (another workshop for those). Instead, we’ll build our prototypes with paper for screens and use you (person) to role play as human computers. Our efforts with be focussed on content, user experience and test results. 

Oh oh, we're not quite ready

The details of this workshop are still be hashed out. If you like to be notified when this and other workshops will be available, sign up for updates below.

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