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Sketchy Solutions

Outside-the-box thinking with inside-the-box sketching

Get out-of-the-box thinking with inside-the box sketching. Explore a wide range of possibilities by expanding your imagination with sharpies, paper, and sometimes Lego.

Your first idea isn’t usually the best idea. It’s the most convenient and easiest to grasp. But there are good and possibly great ideas waiting to be uncovered, you just need a way to grasp them. Stick figures to the rescue—no seriously.

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Sketching solutions has very little to do with your actual artistic ability. It has more to do with being able to use simple drawings to describe complex scenarios and craft rich, imaginative stories. If that alone doesn’t convince you, sketching as a team unlocks another level of creative possibility that you might have never had the ability to explore alone.

In this workshop, we use a supercharged version of the original 4 step sketch process described in the Design Sprint book. You’ll focus your sketching efforts on solving opportunities that make the highest impact. You’ll then take it a step further and use methods to prioritize the solutions worthy of further exploration. From here you’ll assemble the collective solution into a storyboard that expresses the entire solution from start to finish.

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