Revolutionizing Member Experiences for Prosserman JCC

Prosserman JCC
Members served:

Client Overview

One of the largest community centres in North America

Prosserman JCC, located in Toronto, is a vibrant hub of community activity and a center dedicated to fostering Jewish life and culture. As a non-profit organization, it aims to create an inclusive environment that promotes kindness and respect. The center offers a variety of cultural, educational, and recreational programs that cater to all ages, including lecture series, film festivals, fitness classes, and family activities. Facilities at Prosserman JCC include a modern fitness center with extensive hours, various venues like the Leah Posluns Theatre, and spaces for events and community engagement. The JCC is also active in hosting events and community enrichment programs .

Prosserman JCC, faced challenges in managing member experiences across its multiple locations. The existing systems were disjointed, leading to poor member satisfaction and inefficiencies in operations.


Challenges across multiple locations

  • Inconsistent member experience across different locations.
  • Lack of integration between the member management system, e-commerce, and access control systems, causing many operational issues.
  • Difficulty in tracking member usage patterns and preferences.

Our Solution

Complete Digital Transformation

Staring early in 2022, Ready Set Go partnered with Prosserman JCC to transform their digital experience and infrastructure focusing on three main areas:

1. Member Experience Design

Journey Mapping: We began by mapping the current and desired member journeys, specifically identifying solutions for member management and non-member programs. This helped in identifying key pain points and opportunities for engagement.

Experience Design Implementation: Based on the insights gained from journey mapping, we redesigned the member experience to be more welcoming and informative, designing key touch points that leveraged data insights to meet members' specific needs.

2. Member Management System Selection

After thorough analysis and understanding Prosserman JCC’s unique needs, we facilitated the selection of a member management system that offered robust functionality and scalability. The chosen system efficiently handled member data, scheduling, communication, and billing.

3. Custom API Integrations

Integration with Access Control Systems: We developed custom API integrations between the newly selected member management software and existing access control systems. This integration facilitated seamless entry to the gym facilities by synchronizing member status in real-time, reducing entry times and improving the accuracy of member check-in data.

"Getting through a successful member data migration and launch is just the start, as we continue our engagement with Ready Set Go to meet the goals of our strategic plan.”

David Brinder, COO

Prosserman JCC & Schwartz/Reisman Centre


Streamlined processes across the board

Enhanced Data Flow: The integration allowed for a two-way flow of information, ensuring that all member interactions were tracked and accessible within the member management system, enabling personalized marketing and improved member engagement strategies.

Enhanced Member Experience: The streamlined member management and real-time access control significantly improved member satisfaction as reflected in positive launch and ongoing experiences.

Operational Efficiency: The integration of systems via API reduced manual data entry errors and sped up activation of the member access card for check-ins, leading to smoother operations and reduced wait times.

Data-Driven Decision Making: With improved data collection and analysis capabilities, Prosserman JCC now enjoys a deeper understanding of member behavior and preferences, which supports more informed business decisions and marketing strategies.


Targeted enhancements change everything

The collaboration between Prosserman JCC and Ready Set Go exemplifies how targeted technological enhancements can revitalize the member experience and streamline operations, setting the stage for sustained business success in the competitive fitness industry.

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