Identify your at-risk members and win them back with an automated campaign

Retaining members is crucial for any fitness facility or community center. One effective strategy is to identify at-risk members and engage them through automated campaigns. This approach not only helps in reducing churn but also enhances member satisfaction by addressing their needs proactively. Here’s how to identify at-risk members and implement an automated campaign to win them back.

What Does it Mean for a Member to Be At-Risk?

An at-risk member is one who is likely to churn, meaning they are on the verge of canceling their membership. The primary indicator of this is a decline in attendance. For example, in a fitness facility, if a member stops checking in regularly, they are likely considering canceling their membership. The frequency of check-ins can help categorize members. Here’s a potential example:

  • Active Members: Check in five days a week.
  • Moderately Active Members: Check in two days a week.
  • Intermittent Members: Check in twice every two weeks.
  • At-Risk Members: Check in less than twice a month for two or three consecutive months.

Identifying At-Risk Members

To effectively identify at-risk members, you need to:

  1. Track Attendance: Use your membership management system to monitor check-ins.
  2. Set Thresholds: Determine what constitutes an at-risk member based on your organization's patterns.
  3. Group At-Risk Members: Create a segment of members who fall below the attendance threshold.

Implementing Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns can be a powerful tool to re-engage at-risk members. Here’s how to set up an effective campaign:

  1. Use Marketing Automation Tools: Leverage tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create and manage your campaigns.
  2. Design the Campaign Workflow: Plan a series of emails or SMS messages aimed at re-engaging members. For instance, you might design a campaign with four to six emails over four weeks.
  3. Personalize Messages: Tailor your messages to address the specific reasons a member might not be attending. Offer incentives, remind them of the benefits, and make them feel valued.
  4. Monitor Engagement: Track how members respond to the campaign. If a member starts attending more frequently, stop the re-engagement messages and switch to a campaign that celebrates their renewed activity.

Effective Campaign Scenarios

An effective automated campaign should do more than just send messages; it should adapt based on member behavior. For example:

  • Email Campaigns: Start with a welcome back email, followed by reminders of upcoming classes or special offers. If a member attends, send a congratulatory message and relevant updates about their membership.
  • SMS Campaigns: Use SMS for quick, personal reminders or exclusive offers. These can be more immediate and engaging than emails.
  • Social Media Ads: Target members with personalized ads on platforms like Instagram, reminding them of what they’re missing out on and encouraging them to return.

Challenges and Best Practices

Implementing these campaigns effectively involves overcoming several challenges:

  • Integration: Ensure your attendance tracking system integrates seamlessly with your marketing automation tool.
  • Personalization: Customize messages to make them relevant and engaging for each member.
  • Timely Updates: Continuously update your campaign based on real-time data to avoid sending irrelevant messages.

By identifying at-risk members and engaging them with automated campaigns, fitness facilities and community centres can significantly reduce churn and enhance member satisfaction. Start by tracking attendance, setting up automated workflows, and personalizing your communication to re-engage your members. With the right strategy, you can turn at-risk members into active participants once again.

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