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In the age of “everyone is an influencer”, companies large and small across all industries are looking for creative ways for their brand to resonate with content meant to be memorable on digital and social. For consumer brands looking to raise awareness, it's trying to go viral on Tik Tok or Instagram, really anything to pause your thumb in the infinite feed for a moment. 

The challenge for B2B is much greater as marketing budgets get wasted when the target audience can only be reached with a spray and pray strategy. Some of the world's largest B2B companies, however, such as Microsoft and Salesforce, have invested heavily in content. Many companies with smaller budgets have too, as is the case with Ready Set Go client Prime Quadrant.

Prime Quadrant helps affluent families make better decisions and assists them across the full range of their financial, social, and human capital needs. Prime Quadrant serves over 150 affluent Canadian families across the country, with approximately $17 billion in Assets under Consultation™(1).

Over the years, Prime Quadrant's marketing strategy took shape, as a thought leader in the ultra affluent advisory space. Turning that thought leadership into influence was actualized through their family education workshops, blogs, virtual investor series, all culminating in an annual conference for a very exclusive and targeted audience. This three pronged strategy is a component of their sales funnel.

Being a relationship-based consulting firm didn't require Prime Quadrant to have roles like the larger traditional financial services and investment management companies do, such as Chief Technology Officer. With no digital marketing product strategy, coupled with the scale at which the Prime Quadrant practice was growing, the results were several standalone websites and an inconsistent brand and user experience across them. Like many companies, their marketing innovation was stymied by legacy technology and operational inefficiencies. 

Ready Set Go began working with Prime Quadrant just a few months into COVID, as they sought to consolidate and streamline all of their digital marketing products. 

Their objectives were:

  • Emphasize the exclusivity of Prime Quadrant’s services 
  • Convert website visitors into leads
  • Use scalable infrastructure and applications that are easy to manage and maintain

The project was a perfect candidate for Webflow and a suite of supporting no-code solutions.


Prime Quadrant begins many of their relationships with prospects by nurturing the relationship and engaging with them via family office events and peer networking. During COVID, they pivoted to virtual events and used a platform that provided an interface to Zoom Webinars. However, it didn't communicate with any other platforms they currently leverage for marketing like their website and newsletters.

Ready Set Go’s first project with Prime Quadrant was to migrate their website to Webflow. This opened up an opportunity for them to attract webinar sign ups directly from website visitors. The leads would flow right into Prime Quadrant’s CRM using no-code automation tool Zapier, a scalable integration without having to invest thousands of dollars to build, manage and maintain bespoke software.

The Need

1. Prime Quadrant needed a solution that did a few things on their Webflow website:

  • Allow visitors to sign up for upcoming Zoom webinars
  • Display guest speakers and moderators
  • Show website blog posts related to the webinar
  • Allow visitors to watch previous webinars
  • Allow visitors to sign up for future webinars

2. They also wanted to capture attendee information as a lead in their customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

How it Works

Ready Set Go achieved Prime Quadrant’s objective by connecting Zoom, Webflow and their CRM via Zapier. Zapier's role was to take information from Zoom and send it to Webflow and the CRM.

The journey begins by creating the webinar on Zoom with the date and topic set. Zoom then generates a link for attendees to sign up and fill out a questionnaire.

Zapier receives a Webhook notification from Zoom and passes it over to Webflow, creating a new item in the Events CMS collection in Webflow. This CMS item acts as the landing page for the webinar where visitors can visit this page to learn more about the webinar and sign up.

Once the visitor signs up as an attendee, Zapier once again receives a notification of this registration with the information they provided. Zapier then passes it over to the CRM where Prime Quadrant can build a relationship with this new prospect.

The Result

The success of the webinar implementation was just the start for Prime Quadrant, as they are also launching their annual client event marketing and online registration experience using much of the same logic, tools and workflow.

A diagram visualizing how the information is delivered between Zoom, Zapier and Webflow.

(1) Assets Under Consultation ™ (AUC) is a different standard of measurement than the more traditional Assets Under Management (AUM). Prime Quadrant believes AUC provides a fairer representation of its comprehensive service model. Prime Quadrant provides strategic consulting services across its client families’ entire universe of assets, regardless of the nature of those assets, how they were sourced or where they are custodied.

We created a no-code automated event management solution for Prime Quadrant


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