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January 22, 2021

The promise of the internet to connect us all in ways we couldn't possibly imagine is now a reality. What started as challenges to share and distribute content to the masses has been solved, think Netflix and Disney+. So has the struggle of businesses to sell directly to their customers online, which we have Amazon and Shopify to thank.

While the bigger problems, the ones that impact the most people, such as connectivity, mobile, communications, banking, etc., have generally been solved by products or platforms as a service, there still exists a wide gap for businesses whose customer purchase flow isn't as simple as adding a single product SKU to a cart.

Ready Set Go has been helping companies, manufacturers, distributors and services providers to bridge this gap with custom e-commerce and order management solutions that plug into their client's ERP systems. We work closely with our clients at the outset to ensure we launch the right product from the start. Our clients analyze their sales data, to prioritize features based on what returns the most value to their business immediately. e We’re an agile shop, and as our clients realize a return on their initial investment, we can easily add additional features, functionality and product lines.

One client we would like to highlight is the Riverside Millwork Group, who manufactures, supplier, and installer of millwork products. Riverside had a vision for how to simplify their business by eliminating the centuries-old paper take-off form with an online order management solution.

A company such as Millwork may seem like a simple ordering process to take online, and you're ordering a few dozen individual pieces of trim or door from Home Depot. However, what if you're building a house or an office building? Organizing hundreds of combinations of measurements and individual product SKUs becomes an overwhelming task.

The magic of the product Ready Set Go built for Riverside is that the order management solution takes all the guesswork out of these tasks for the person entering the order. For example, instead of taking all the measurements for a door, which include the door itself, the jam, trim and hardware, Riverside sales people now have access to an order form that includes all the possible product configurations available in stock. This reduces the time to enter and process the order and virtually eliminates order entry errors.

We realize, moving a business away from a paper order entry system seems daunting, and it can be if done in a disciplined manner with continuous testing and checks and balances. On the other hand, if your business doesn’t embrace change to improve your customer's purchase experience by stripping the manual complexity out of your operations, you may your business at greater risk.

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Remember, depending on where you're located, there may be government incentives for making a technology investment in your business.

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