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Ready Set Go has provided several elegant, bespoke solutions for businesses that rely on legacy inventory management systems to process and fulfill customer orders. One of those clients is TRUE Hockey, manufacturers of one of the highest-quality, custom hockey skates in the world

So, when TRUE Hockey needed to improve its product fulfillment process, Ready Set Go was there to help.  

The Challenge

TRUE Hockey had relied exclusively on dealers, local hockey shops, to fulfill customer skate orders. When fulfilling those orders, dealers entered and recorded customers' skate measurements on an iPad via a 3D foot-scanning app connected to the company's inventory management system. The app then composed and shared these measurements by a simple email to the manufacturing and logistics groups at TRUE responsible for fulfilling the orders. 

TRUE Hockey was missing a direct-to-consumer fulfillment solution for customers to order skates online themselves and pickup their purchases in dealer locations

That's when Ready Set Go was approached by TRUE, to create an elegant e-commerce solution within their existing app and workflow. 

The Ready Set Go team got to work and soon discovered that TRUE Hockey’s customer orders and skate measurements lived in separate silos within their inventory management systems. So, Ready Set Go set about bridging the gap between the two systems so they could 'talk' to each other. Still, they needed a common language to connect the two systems.

The Solution: Email

Once TRUE's system recorded data for a customer's skate order, it automatically sent out an email. Each order contained an ID, along with attachments and pictures of the customer's order and a compressed file of required data for TRUE's e-commerce system. 

However, Ready Set Go still needed a mechanism to upload this data to TRUE's back-office systems. Enter the Mail Parser: a tool that ingests, analyzes and extracts an email's attachments and essential components, then sends the parsed data into a 'webhook' (a facility connected to an app, providing other applications with real-time information that Ready Set Go built) that connected to TRUE’s application.

Now, TRUE Hockey could rely on one order with all the necessary customer information, including its status, history and relevant data captured from an iPad app.

"It was an awesome way to solve the integration problem without having to engage another 3rd party and build a standalone piece of software. It would be expensive and take too long," says Ready Set Go founder, Dayton Pereira. "When we demoed the solution to TRUE Hockey, it was like magic that these otherwise disconnected systems could now talk to each other in front of their eyes; it was pretty cool." 

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